Being dedicated to quality, SCAN has applied and certified the integrated quality management system (QMS), which is based on the following international standards:

Quality Policy (PDF, 1786KB)

Privacy Policy (PDF, 245KB)

Service Works On Ships Certificate 2019 (PDF, 903KB)

SCC Certificate (PDF, 78KB)

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The goal of the QMS is to ensure quality of products and services, environmental protection, health and work safety. QMS is applied on all activities in company.

Hazardous areas

Since the majority of projects in oil&gas industry involve installations in hazardous areas, SCAN has implemented the quality management system for installation, maintenance and repair of electrical apparatus in explosive atmospheres, based on the following standards:

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The quality management system is certified and regularly audited by the Croatian Ex-agency.

Offshore activities

SCAN is also certified by the Croatian Register of Shipping (CRS) for design, installation, commissioning, service and maintenance of electrical and instrumentation equipment, control and safety systems, including explosion proof equipment. Certification covers ships and fixed offshore platforms.

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Company Info

S.C.A.N. d.o.o.

Industrial Automation, Information Technology
and Process Control


Zagreb Main Office

Buzinski prilaz 38,
10010 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: +385 (1) 3707 987 /
Fax: +385 (1) 3707 989
E-mail: scan@scan.hr


Kalinovac Branch Office

Kolodvorska 157,
48360 Kalinovac, Croatia
Phone: +385 (48) 280 380
Fax: +385 (48) 280 381
E-mail: scan@scan.hr